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Event Shopping

How to get to bars of gold?
To get bars of gold is necessary to participate of server events or buy them from other players, we currently have Battlefield, Zombie, Castle and Last Man Standing. Both events has a reward of 10 bars of gold, except the Castle (it has 50 as reward).

Where do I change my bars of gold?
To exchange your bars of gold for items, the player must choose the desired item from the table below.

Event Shopping

After choosing the item from the table above you should go to the Talkeyn NPC which is located in the events room which can be accessed by Adventurers Guild island. The NPC will show you the list of items available to get. From the list choose the item you wish to obtain and the NPC will tell you how many bar of golds you need to bring to it.

Monster of the Day Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Server Online
Uptime: 19h 25m
Top Experience
365, Master Sorcerer
347, Royal Paladin
Everdeen Scofield
340, Royal Paladin
4 - Marus
328, Royal Paladin
5 - Espanko
310, Royal Paladin

War Castle
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