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Perigote dos garotos

Guild Information
Super Durinhos

The guild was founded on Tibia-OT on Sep 11 2022.
It is currently active.

Guild Level System
Level Points Points to next level
11020151 479849

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
Perigote-Master Pelegolas Royal Paladin 266 offline
Vice-Perigote Mr Vadaocu Royal Paladin 283 offline
Guerrilheiros Abominator Paladin 163 offline
Andyirado Eogolpe Royal Paladin 245 offline
Contador Elder Druid 168 offline
Elisa Sanches Royal Paladin 251 offline
Emme White Elite Knight 217 offline
Fabao Royal Paladin 265 offline
Godhell Royal Paladin 252 offline
Junhin Knight 174 offline
Lambarix Master Sorcerer 161 offline
Magesdown Master Sorcerer 179 offline
Novinho Sapeca (Pelegolas) Royal Paladin 8 offline
Onlyfans De Rola Elder Druid 118 offline
Primo Do Jean Elite Knight 237 offline
Romilvado Cachorrao Elite Knight 227 offline
Rukia Kon Elder Druid 200 offline
Saidinha Master Sorcerer 165 offline
Skyller Elder Druid 255 offline
Verme Maldito Elder Druid 163 offline
Vermezinho Royal Paladin 182 offline
Xenox Elder Druid 161 offline
Xoinhu Elite Knight 207 offline
Ze Budega Master Sorcerer 99 offline
Zexavante Royal Paladin 273 offline

Invited Characters
Name Invitation Date
Murky Sep 24 2022

Monster of the Day Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Server Online
Uptime: 20h 13m
Top Experience
365, Master Sorcerer
347, Royal Paladin
Everdeen Scofield
340, Royal Paladin
4 - Marus
328, Royal Paladin
5 - Espanko
310, Royal Paladin

War Castle
Nenhuma guild domina!