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Premium System Tibia-OT!

Find out what are the advantages and benefits of being a Premium below:

  • Get Premium and help the Tibia-OT grow even more!

  • Premium System Information
    Premium Details
    XP Boost
    Store discount
    Slots AutoLoot 10 Slots 25 Slots
    Exclusive outfit addons 0 +3
    Exclusive Mounts 0 +3
    Use the permanent teleport scroll
    Chat by PM with Administrators
    Access to all quests
    Access to Premium Plaza
    GB system (guild bank)

    Exclusive outfit addons and mounts
    Exclusive outfit addons:
    Exclusive mounts:


    Best of all, Tibia Premium Time is inexpensive! You can upgrade your account to Premium starting from as little as 10 TC for a month:

    Premium Time
    Premium Time can only be used for your own account, while the scroll can be sold.
    1 month (30 days)Tibia Coins 10

    And that's not all, you can also buy Premium for Tibia Coins in the game Store! Since Tibia Coins can also be sold on the Market for golds, you can buy them and buy Premium or an extra service for your account, even if you are unable to pay with real money or Tibia Coins at the moment. There is really no excuse for not becoming a Premium account - buy Premium Time or Tibia Coins and enjoy the full Tibia experience today!

    Tibia Coin Packages
    Tibia Coins can be used to purchase Premium Time or special products for your own account in the Store, or if transferable, traded via the Market or gifted to other characters.
    1 Tibia CoinsBRA 1,00

    Monster of the Day Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
    Server Online
    Uptime: 19h 9m
    Top Experience
    365, Master Sorcerer
    347, Royal Paladin
    Everdeen Scofield
    340, Royal Paladin
    4 - Marus
    328, Royal Paladin
    5 - Espanko
    310, Royal Paladin

    War Castle
    Nenhuma guild domina!