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Evento Zumbi
[*] The event lasts until the last participant got killed. This one who will be the winner.
[*] Only players above level 25 can participate in the event (to prevent fraud).
[*] By dying inside the event arena, participants will not lose anything.
[*] Nobody will be able to use runes or any artifice that impels zombies to roam the map.
Saturday (sábado) 20:00
First time 10 bars of gold* + Thornfire Wolf (speed +25)
Another times 25 bars of gold*
Monster of the Day Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Server Online
Uptime: 18h 49m
Top Experience
365, Master Sorcerer
347, Royal Paladin
Everdeen Scofield
340, Royal Paladin
4 - Marus
328, Royal Paladin
5 - Espanko
310, Royal Paladin

War Castle
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